Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project 1:2014 and a Christmas Gift

Well I thought I would start off the new year on a positive note. What better way than to look at my projects for 2014 and acknowledge two of my beautiful Christmas gifts. 

I was so fortunate to receive this stunning quilt from my sewing friend (and old work colleague) together with a book for my next project. I adore this quilt. I love the fabric combination, the Russian doll fabric especially and the gorgeous border fabrics. Don't you think that royal blue border is striking?

 and with such the sweetest hand stitching too. I'm very lucky to have such a good friend.

 Also contained within this parcel was our next project. We have decided to do this together. Now many of you may have heard of the Elm Creek Quilt novels, well this quilt pattern is by the same author - Jennifer Chiaverini. I think I have read most of the novels except Mrs Lincolns Dressmaker, one I am hoping to get to soon.

My intention is to complete this quilt by hand (even though there is some foundation piecing I may need to do on the machine - who knows, never tried it). We are going to be using the Minick and Simpson Fabric - Grant Park.
I think this fabric is rather appropriate given the title of the quilt. I studied American History at an Australian University and found it fascinating. I'm hoping this colour scheme will do the pattern justice.
So thank you for my lovely gifts Sam, you never fail to spoilt me. I also received from her this fabulous Santa but hubby has popped it away for another year. I'll show you next Christmas.
Happy Stitching and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tablerunners complete - Times Six

So another long period of zero blogging has passed. Truthfully, not alot of creativeness has occurred. My father had a fall in late October and after a succession of setbacks he lost his battle to overcome all he had faced in the last two months. It is an incredibly sad time but I'm also comforted in the fact I had this man in my life for 39 fabulous years to that I am very grateful. He also got to meet my three children who were the lights in his life, he could never stop talking about them. I only hope he is watching from above as they grow into the beautiful little people they are.
Anyway, in my last post I mentioned I was making some table runners for the carers at the children's occasional care centre. For one morning a week for the last four years, first my middle child then the little one attended this fabulous centre.
Warning, picture overload

I wanted to make something to show my appreciation to these fabulous woman whom my kids adored. I think they liked them.

The backing with its little thank you stitching was also made from the Charm squares of Kate and Birdie Paper Co's 'Winters Lane' fabric. I'm totally in love with this fabric. Such beautiful subdued hues of Christmas colours with these accents of red. 

I made another one with a green binding (which I think I prefer) for my mother-in-law's friend who sometimes comes over to watch my little one for two hours or so whilst I run around crazy. This special time I get alone recently allowed me to spend my last hour with my father in Intensive care. To that I am immensely grateful. I was able to talk with him and hold his hand as he fought hard. If only I had known it would be my last hour though I would never have left. 

I ran out of the red Winters Lane binding fabric so went with a subdued green which I thought blended well. This was from the Moda line Chloe's closet. 

I backed this one with a plain homespun from A day in the Country.

This was also my first attempt at Machine binding and I now think I am hooked.

So not the most productive year, I'm hoping 2014 will be doubled in production terms.
I want to wish anyone reading this a very Merry Christmas to you and your families. I also wish you a safe, happy and healthy 2014.
Happy Stitching

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christmas Presents

So I finally received an update of sorts to my computer and it seemed to 'rejig' blogger. Blogger is no longer having a meltdown each time I try to load a photo - hallelujah! Back to blogging and this post.......
I stumbled upon this fabric range through Cora's quilts via Sharon at Lilabelle Lane. Take a look at that quilt on Cora's header. Beautiful. Now, how could I not resist this dreamy fabric. 

My little man attends occasional care one morning a week and my daughter also attended the same place two years ago. The ladies are just such wonderful women I wanted to put a little effort into their gifts as this will be the last year we will see them.
So, I decided on a table runner for each (x 5 mind you!). 

This fabric line is called Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie Paper Co. And to co-exist with this stunning fabric I have decided to incorporate three stitcheries by Natalie Bird from her 'Tis the Season book.

ok blogger - have it your way. I can't be bothered trying to rotate you again
I finished off the binding on this quilt last night for a friend. She began this quilt for her son before he was born. He turns 16 in January. Better late than never though I say. The top was already pieced and I just had to baste it with some plain red fabric she provided, quilt it and bind it. I really like the binding as there are no other stripes in the mix.

Well now, back to those stitcheries.
Happy Stitching all

Thursday, July 25, 2013

So, since my last post we have been on a little family holiday to one of my favourite parts of the world - Cairns, North Queensland. 
This was the view from our balcony one morning.

We did alot of this, 

and this,

Green Island has certainly changed since I last snorkeled here almost 15 years ago. 

It was such a startling reality that this reef has deteriorated to an almost unrecognisable state since my last visit. It was still beautiful but there was so much coral gone and what was left in this particular spot, was bleached terribly by the sun.

This was my five-year-old's first snorkel. We had to retrieve her a couple of times from the shipping channel as she would just swim off chasing reef sharks.

And this is Winter! Miss 8 loves her swimming as much as the rest of us.

It wasn't all fun and games, Master two got his first bout of asthma with a visit to the doctor at 4am,

shortly followed by Miss Five at a more respectable hour of 10pm, the sugarcane had just flowered and we were told this could have sparked the reactions 

And since we have been back we have had some Autumn school holiday fun in the Botanical Gardens

Ocean beach walking

and a three-year-old birthday

And now, I am making a baby quilt in a chevron pattern using strips, not half square triangles as most are constructed.

I'm hoping this is a neutral looking quilt, yes there is a flower but boys can have flowers too - anyway, it may be a girl.......

this is cute

The cute piggy fabric translates to something about the sky being scattered with stars  

and in keeping with the french theme I have chosen this fabric for the back, little bit of pink and a little bit of blue......

Each alternate row of the quilt has a solid colour. I had originally chose this light grey but unfortunately had not purchased enough. I went back to purchase some more and wouldn't you know it - it was all gone. So I got the darker grey and now that I am constructing the quilt I think the lighter grey would have suited more......(insert sad face!)...hopefully once it is quilted in a light coloured cotton it will detract from the dark colour.

Now its time to finish putting it all together.

Happy Stitching all


Monday, June 10, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I found I was just getting back in to my digital scrap booking when Creative Memories Australia announced they were going in to Voluntary Administration here in Australia. I was quite devastated as I had bought alot of digital content and we really keen to get going. Now my little one is older it's a little easier to find the time to do scrapping digitally. All I need is me and my computer.

I started trawling the internet and found some great kits for about $5 which were compatible with my Creative Memories package. I went along to Harvey Norman to get one layout printed as was really happy with the result.

The old Creative Memories Australia is going to be launching a new brand over the coming days and I'm really keen to support it. However, I am also glad there are other options out there and things are never as bad as they seem. 

My plan is to do at least one layout per month per child, more for their birthday, and a family layout per month. At Christmas time they will be collated and printed (or throughout the year instead from a budget perspective) and then give to them as their gift from Mum and Dad.

Happy Scrapping (and stitching)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disco day for five year olds

Yesterday, my baby girl had her 5th Birthday Party. She isn't five for another week but it was the only day available to hire this facility to house 25 dancing children with ease.

Before the party began we took a couple of family shots, I just love this one of Lily and her dad.

Preparing the table

And yes, there was a disco lady - I wasn't prepared to get up there and shake my groove. My groove shaking days are over. Believe me, this girl worked hard too.

After an hour of dancing, jiving and games we had plenty of hungry and very thirsty children. And what is a party without 'party food'. Lily seemed to be quite happy, as you can tell. 

Now I am no baker. I only made cakes for my kid's birthday's for the first time last year, so I am still a real novice. Usually there is some sort of disaster with the cake and this time I forgot to grease the cake tin!!! Fortunately, my friend came to the rescue and created this amazing ballerina and flowers to hide the terrible icing job I did once I finally got the cake out of the tin. I have decided to do fondant or butter cream icing next year. The only reason I did this pure icing mixture is the kid's love it.

The most important thing was everyone seemed to have a great time and I only hope I have helped create a life-long memory for my baby girl.