Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two Birds Tablerunner

I didn't mean for there to be so long between posts - time is truly flying by at the moment. We haven't even reached the crazy season yet.
I began this table runner a while back but unfortunately had to rush it in the end.

The pattern is by Gail Pan and is located in her book Patchwork Loves Embroidery.

I made this for a very special lady - Sylvia who turned 96. This lady is like a grandmother to me. I only met one grandparent - my grandmother whom was born in 1893! She died at 89 years of age when I was 6, she lived in a nursing home and struggled to remember my name (which was very funny when she would go through 7 or 8 of her 10 grandchildren's names to finally remember mine). Anyway, Sylvia is my neighbour and lived next door to me for all of my life till I moved out with my hubby 15 years ago. There was never anything she wouldn't do for you (such as going in to our house to turn my electric blanket off if I had forgotten) to babysitting me if my parents went out. Now she is very frail but still very sharp of mind. She still remembers everybody's name and now all their kids names and never ever forgets a birthday. Sylv, loved her gift.

I read some wonderful reviews on this book, however I must admit I was put off by the cover. Yes, I know, "don't judge a book by its cover" but its very difficult to locate a hard copy to browse through or locate some of the pics inside the book itself. So upon the special recommendations by Laura and Shez, I decided to purchase it.

Now if the publishers of the book had of placed this tablerunner on the cover I would not have hesitated the couple of months that I did and most likely would have purchased immediately upon its release. Isn't it strange how the visual is so important in our day to day lives, especially our crafty lives.  I have even read many authors also judge books by their cover. So I am content I am not the only one.

Another project I've been itching to begin is this Rosalie Quinlan design. I've taken inspiration from Sharon over at Lilabelle Lane and I'm using Bonnie and Camille's Miss Kate fabric. I'm also going to be adding in some additional colours from the Cosmo thread line that match the fabric.

Just adore this watermelon and aqua together

A very pretty bundle of threads and fabric. Can't wait to start.
Happy Stitching