Friday, February 25, 2011

A week of first's

A wonderous week of firsts in our household, miss two did her first wee in a potty (we have been bribing her for months and she has only clued on that the green bouncy ball she requested could really be hers with just a little effort.....), our 7 mth old son did his first two hour sleep in one block during the day and I joined my first 'stitch-a-long'!!!  'tis the season....see here. Don't ask me to prioritise these firsts as I am really ecstatic about them all....I just need to get my book back from a good friend so I can start tracing my stitcheries and hopefully take some of them to sleep school with me. I am currently doing another project (shall blog on this another time) and using DMC817 red, I think this may be a little bright..........might ask my fellow stitchers.........I am thinking of something darker. Shall get the fabrics out early next week and post a pic or two!

Monday, February 14, 2011

small beginnings...

Well, my first post on my blog calls for a celebration - perhaps a cup of tea in peace and quiet whilst the little ones snooze. The name of my blog wasn't hard to devise. Who doesn't love Linen or flowers? I really wanted to incorporate the Japanese word for flower - Hana, as that is what we were going to call our 7mth old if he had been a girl. I intend to feature my sewing endeavours, either patchwork, quilting, embroidery or cross stitch. Lots on my project list - not alot on my finished list though......ah well, its nice to be busy. Not at all sure where I will find the time.

Who knows what will follow as I launch myself from the comfort of my voyeuristic actions into the productive side of blogging...