Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy squares and cake

The Anni Downs SKoW is to be completed by October. I've only just started. I must be crazy to have decided to hand piece my 1 1/2" squares together......totally crazy........I know

I did a couple of squares the other day at Urban Stitches - which was so much fun!! Thanks to Sam and her friends I had an awesome day out (photos to follow in next post). I think I have to piece together 129 of these little 1 1/2" squares and that is only the start of it.....

Surprisingly, they really don't take that long, I love completing them in front of the TV at night when the kids are in bed. Very relaxing.

My Thomas-the-Train obsessed son turned 2 on the weekend. Can't believe its been two yrs since this little 4.5kg bub entered this is a photo of his cake.

Still not feeling very adventurous in the cake dept, need to build up some skills.

Another birthday next week - Miss soon-to-be 8 wanted the sewing basket out of the Women's weekly cake book, I can barely manage a round cake, so she has settled for a nice simple floral decoration on her (simple round).  My oven is getting a good workout. Aren't these candles cute?

Susie xo

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Better late than never

 Well its been a long time in the 'stash' planning, but finally I pulled out these fabrics today to get going on my Stitch-a-long organised by the wonderful Chookyblue.

We are following the above-shown pattern in the book by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.

 I feel bad that some people have finished but, you gets in the way, I have been following the blog and the work some people are doing is amazing.

 I feel I need some more smoky blue/grey colours? or a duck egg blue?

I do like these though........

OK, wish me luck as I embark on my first foray into needleturn applique......

Happy Stitching, Susie