Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disco day for five year olds

Yesterday, my baby girl had her 5th Birthday Party. She isn't five for another week but it was the only day available to hire this facility to house 25 dancing children with ease.

Before the party began we took a couple of family shots, I just love this one of Lily and her dad.

Preparing the table

And yes, there was a disco lady - I wasn't prepared to get up there and shake my groove. My groove shaking days are over. Believe me, this girl worked hard too.

After an hour of dancing, jiving and games we had plenty of hungry and very thirsty children. And what is a party without 'party food'. Lily seemed to be quite happy, as you can tell. 

Now I am no baker. I only made cakes for my kid's birthday's for the first time last year, so I am still a real novice. Usually there is some sort of disaster with the cake and this time I forgot to grease the cake tin!!! Fortunately, my friend came to the rescue and created this amazing ballerina and flowers to hide the terrible icing job I did once I finally got the cake out of the tin. I have decided to do fondant or butter cream icing next year. The only reason I did this pure icing mixture is the kid's love it.

The most important thing was everyone seemed to have a great time and I only hope I have helped create a life-long memory for my baby girl.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Still on Block One

More slow and steady progress on this Block in My Girls Day out quilt.
I've used Floriani's double sided wonder fusible interfacing and it is quite thick. Fortunately my needles are sharp and are going through the layers relatively easy. Well easier than I had thought. 

Some more slow progress on this cross stitch by Faye Whittaker

(sorry about the picture - can't rotate but uploaded in right position?)

Looking forward to starting this:

And, I was thoroughly spoilt by my friend when she returned home from England. How cute are these? And they can be purchased in a department store like our David Jones? I love it!
(I also received a lovely Liberty lavender satchel but is currently keeping my drawer smelling 'lavenderish')

There hasn't been alot going on craft wise - I finished my mothers day calendars (and forgot to take photo's prior to Mothers day) but was very happy with the way they turned out (and so were the recipients).

Happy Stitching

Saturday, May 4, 2013

FNWF and sad news

I finally decided to join the lovely Cheryll at Gone Stitchin for Friday Night with Friends (FNWF). This has always looked like a fun night to join.

I was all geared up and ready to go, looking forward to watching one of my favourite shows at the same time - Escape to the country.........

Sewed around a couple of bolts of the fabric and got sidetracked with a show delving  in to Breast Cancer, which has always been close to me but even more so right now as my cousin awaits result from two lumps found.

I hope to make more progress on this tonight! I am still on my first block!

In some other sad crafty news, I heard last night that Creative Memories Australia has gone into voluntary administration.

For those of you who don't know who Creative Memories are, they are a US scrap booking company whom I have dealt with on a digital scrap booking level. They do traditional and digital, but I find digital alot more portable with a busy family and toddlers around.

Here is a pic of one of their storybooks you can print digitally. 

I just finished my calendar for my mum and mother-in-law on Monday for Mothers day and do hope there is no issues receiving it. A wonderful way to customise your calendars to suit the time of year. Mine start the month after the last one, this year the calendar will start in June. 

 It really is devastating for the crafting community as we lose yet another part of the market here in Australia. 

'Scrapping' is such a wonderful way to preserve precious memories and execute your crafty and creative side at the same time.

On Wednesday evening I had just set up new projects for the kids and a family album and was so excited about forging ahead with these.

My heart goes out to the consultants whose livelihoods depend on this product. A sad day indeed. We can only hope that perhaps someone will save it.

Fingers crossed.