Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything old is new again

I made this library bag in 2008 when Charlotte started kinder. Her kinder had a lovely library and it was a special time for the girls to go there together where all the 'big kids' were.........After two years of kinder, the bag was no longer required and became the ballet bag to hold precious ballet shoes.

Now as Miss Lily starts her kinder year "a drawstring bag is required unique to your child. One they can identify with". Now I know I could have made another, but the fabric is just so cute. So I took Charlotte's initials off and appliqued Lily's name to it.

This was the first time I had used my (new (yr old)) machine to applique and was fairly pleased with the results. I only have white cotton at home too - so white cotton it was!

I probably should have used a zigzag stitch, instead tried to use a blanket stitch which sometimes ended up looking more like a zigzag anyway (not sure why, tried adjusting tension but didn't really work).

I just love these little prints - I have seen a Liberty fabric almost exactly the same. I know mine was relatively cheaper than Liberty fabric - at $2 a metre. Not sure you can get Liberty fabric at that price.

Now the end of the poor drawstring has almost had it. May have to change that soon. But hey, whats the motto? "reduce, re-use, recycle." or as the song goes "everything old is new again"...

Happy Stitching, Susie

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thinking outside the square (or inside)

Now my husband will tell you I'm not really one to think outside the square. But - my son obviously is. With limited display storage (just tubs of toys around) he obviously wanted to make sure he could see his little bits and pieces.......

Now we can't give him credit for placing all of these in the holes but most of it. With a family of five and on one wage, our wine rack doesn't get used for wine anymore. Any wine in the home comes from a cask.....So..................we wanted to keep the rack (for future wine usage) and placed it in our newly renovated lounge empty. But not for long....

Thomas made an appearance.....

Buzz and Iggle Piggle were also made use of.

Even those pesky puzzle pieces that you can never find when you want them!

So, ta da! New toy storage and didn't cost a thing!

Happy Stitching all