Monday, April 30, 2012

My other project - shhhh, this one is a secret..........

Besides the handquilting on this quilt (which I happy to report is almost finished!), I have been busy creating a calendar for my Mum and mother-in-law for mothers day.

Its pretty safe to say that I don't even know if my Mother-in-Law (MIL) knows I have a blog so she won't see the preview, and I think my own mum has forgotten about it.

I am creating them on the Creative Memories Storybook package (purchased from Wendy here) which is totally amazing (and heaps of fun). I don't know half of it yet but am learning as I go.

sorry - didn't know how to turn the flash off my camera!

I created a calendar for mum and dad last year. They adore it so much they have asked for another and have offered to pay for it - think it will be a nice gift instead.

I am so very grateful for having my mum and MIL around. They are both so wonderful and generous and I only hope they enjoy this little gift from me hanging on the wall.

Happy Stitching, Susie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Generosity Abounds

This blog post is long overdue and I feel terrible it has taken me so long to take these photos. Given today is a bit gloomy we are all stuck indoors but it gave me the perfect opportunity to capture these images and to say 'Thank you'.

Most of us all know how wonderful this blog world is, and some of you may already be aware of the extremely talented Liz over at broderie. A couple of posts ago I mentioned how I adore Liberty fabrics and I have a quilt in mind that I would love to make using them, but haven't quite got a collection going as yet.

But with enormous thanks to Liz and her generosity, now I have.......

Just a couple of my favourites..........


here is the full 'collection'...........

 Liz said they were scraps, I don't think so........

 I just love them!!! all of them!!!!

Now the first quilt I have in mind is the 'Mitali' (no picture sorry) quilt, using squares of Liberty fabric and Linen sashings, which can be purchased from Amitie.

And if I have some left, which I should, I have this triangle quilt in mind.......

I can't wait to start........

I can't thank Liz enough for sending me her scraps. I hope she realises they mean alot to me and look forward to showing her (and perhaps stitching with her) the quilt soon.

Go make yourself a cuppa, sit down and check out her blog broderie, its a visual delight! (oh, and arm yourself with your credit card as its really hard to go past the patterns she sells!).

Thanks again Liz.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC)

Today I was fortunate enough to attend the Australasian Quilt Convention. I was really excited to attend this year's event, particularly due to the Japanese quilt exhibition - 'Cotton Poem' by Kayoko Oguri (and others). I love everything Japanese and today did not disappoint. It started with a traditional Japanese (Green) Tea ceremony. It brought back lovely memories of living in Japan when I was younger.

I took so many photos today that I'll probably have to do a number of blog posts.

Here are some of the stand-out quilts - there were a lot of those! I really admire the  hand quilted/pieced/appliqued quilt. They truly are a work of art.

The Tumbling Jacobean by Anne Pearce
Hand pieced, appliqued and quilted!

The colours are delightful

2031 charms!!

Next was a quilt that really caught my eye titled Surfers Paradise. This quilt was quilted on a domestic machine - I just love the detail of the dolphin in the solid colour quilting!

by Ansa Braytenbach

look at that detailed quilting!
Next was another domestic machine quilted quilt by Deborah Louie. Amazing work Deb!

 I have many more photographs of inspirational quilts. I can't imagine the hours put into these quilts but after all they really are a labour of love.

Happy Stitching, Susie