Friday, April 29, 2011

Buttercup bundles of bliss!

Some may consider this lucky or unlucky but I have a husband who travels overseas for work quite often. I've never really taken advantage of it (other to ask for the odd face cream here and there) as I know he is always too busy to shop and just likes to go over, do his work and come home. However, on this occasion I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase some fabric goodness I had been oggling for a good while now..........I had it shipped to his hotel just in time for his checkout!how good is free postage within the USA for such a large bundle!). Isn't it just gorgeous..........

Fig Tree Buttercup 

 1930's Buttercup - Robert Kaufman

I have decided to do the Vignette Hexagon Quilt in the 1930's Buttercup fabric. When I bought the fabric my friend suggested I do a hexie quilt with it and then Vignette Issue 2 came out - voila!! I haven't got around to starting yet. I might add that it has taken me six weeks to download these photos - been having problems with my computer and internet connection. Hopefully its well on its way to being fixed now.......

For the Fig tree buttercup material I have another pattern to show you takes one jelly roll and two charm also has some stitching in it which I love!!

Happy Stitching everyone!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wow! An Award!

I'm stoked (that's really really happy for those uninitiated in Aussie slang - well I think it's Aussie slang, actually probably isn' get the picture) to have received a 'versatile blogger' award from the wonderful Pam at The best thing besides the visual of reading crafty blogs is obtaining the feeling of contentment, happiness and a strong sense of achievement through crafters posts. Blogging unites all those like-minded individuals from around the world and we can see from each other the commonalities we have - ie. Pam lives the other side of the world but loves stitching, walking and her Bernina's (I hope to love one soon too!). So thanks Pam.

I now need to note down seven things you may not know about me:

1. One of my first crafts as an adult (I had many as a child) was scrapbooking. Proposed to me as a hobby after a very sad time in my life. My friend who got me into scrapbooking - now loves quilting thanks to me!! However, my other friend who got me into quilting is being rather stubborn in trying out scrapbooking....I'm working on it!
2. My husband was in the armed forces for 13 yrs and we dated for 18months commuting between Melbourne and Newcastle (before they had direct flights on 'normal' aircraft, not 13 seated propeller aircraft) when we met. I would hate to know how much money we spent on flights back then at $400 a pop! But it was love at first sight.....
3. I love to swap patterns with my friends....stitching and talking about stitching/sewing over coffee. My aim is to have a stitching weekend away this year sometime..........
4. I hope my girls will enjoy crafting with me later on in their lives - I'm a little over paste-ing(?) and cutting with a small baby crawling around and bits and pieces all over the floor for him to eat.........
5. I'm really stuck as to how to design my new'm shortly to turn to google imaging to find some inspiration.
6. I have an Arts degree in Japanese and a business degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance that I don't really use.
7. I was an insurance underwriter in a past life.......a claims advisor before that..........not the best time to be in claims....

So there, and now I nominate the following five bloggers for the 'Versatile Blogger Award!'

1. Leanne at
2. Rosie at
3. Tracee at
4. Perri at
5. Mandy at

Happy Stitching!