Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucky Me

Yesterday I went to my mail box and jammed into it was a parcel containing all these goodies. I was so fortunate to win Laura's 100th blog post giveaway. I truly couldn't believe my luck! I really enjoy reading her blog. She has some wonderful projects on the go. The funny thing is one of her daughter's has moved her from the UK and lives about 30minutes drive from me - small world.

Look how many parcels there are - and all wrapped up in my favourite colour!

With the help of my eldest daughter, we unwrapped the following:

I'm not sure where to start describing how much I love absolutely everything I received, nor how useful and beautiful it all is but I'll start here:

sorry about the photo clarity, I had one child screaming on the trampoline and the other trying to get and crying at the same time, so in my haste, I took these photos with my phone instead of the camera, they haven't turned out very well.

Check out this fabulous book..... I can't wait to start on these.....my daughter and I kept trying to pick out our favourites but loved all of them, so no favourite.....hehe.

How much do you want to get started on these.....

Look at the designs....so cute!

So many ideas!

Now, for the extremely practical items. I have always wanted to try a self erasing pen, just never got around to it, but here is one! Laura obviously knows somehow I do alot of unpicking of stitches too. And how about those scissors, I am forever losing my one and only pair of stitching scissors but now I can keep one in my sewing box and one with the project I am working on.

THE cutest velvet ric rac and snowflake ribbons - ideas, ideas. 

what a divine heart - my younger daughter asked to use it for her teddy pillow

And wow! Kate's Spain's "joy" fabric....it's beautiful. The only Christmas quilt I have ever made (finished) is with another of her fabric lines.

Something I don't have anything of is buttons! I just adore these.

I did take a photo of the buttons out of the bags but for some reason it would only download them upside down!!

Laura told me in her note that she makes this jewellery. Isn't it adorable? The beads used are Red Jasper and Howlite.

And FELT!! Yes, I've always wanted some of this but wasn't sure where to buy it from. It came with a Penny Rug pattern too!! Gorgeous colours!

A close up of some of the gorgeous buttons...

So today I still gaze at my goodies, not yet used any of them as I am just admiring my luck.

Happy Stitching,


laurajane said...

Glad your parcel arrived safely,enjoy .xx

Anonymous said...

congrats Susie on your wonderful win,lots of gorgeous goodies there,well done.xx