Thursday, October 4, 2012

Curtains made by me

A couple of weeks ago I was in Spotlight and I saw this lined fabric and thought it might be nice for curtains for my son's room. A week or so later I was in there again and saw it was 30% off - so I bought it.

And then I made my first set of curtains. There were many imperfections but all in all I think they turned out OK.

Excuse the iphone photos - just quick and easy

As you can see we already have shutters but they are not good for the light when you have a child that rises as soon as the birds start chattering or if we are lucky, at first light instead of when the birds start in the dark!

He has the smallest bedroom and I wanted something to take him through till when he is older. We already had the rod there from some pre-made curtains my daughter had (previous occupant of that room) so I was fortunate I could use that.

Hope he likes them!


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