Thursday, May 8, 2014

Petit Coussin

Orange Daisy produced a range of French themed stitcheries a while ago now. I really can't wait to put them altogether in a quilt. 

 In the meantime, I have used one of them for this cushion to be sent up to Far North Queensland. Its for my cousin who is turning 60. She is going through an enormously rough time battling bone cancer and I can't wait to see her in a couple of weeks. (I hope she doesn't read my blog as I only sent it today). 

The fabric is from Bari J Designs and I think the line was called Paris Apartment. My original thought was to have different fabrics on the front and back however I'm so glad I decided to stick with the one design. 

I hope this brings a little smile to my cousin's face on her birthday.
Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

wow Susie this will sure make her smile,its absolutely gorgeous,you are a clever chicky and your work is so beautiful,well done.xx

Gillian said...

It's lovely. I like the fabric you backed it with too. x

laurajane said...

It's lovely Susie,beautiful stitching,your cousin will love it.xx

Sarah said...

Lovely gift! The Paris scenes are cute.

Solstitches said...

I absolutely adore this design.
It looks great finished as a pillow.
Wonderful gift for your cousin.