Friday, January 24, 2014

ABC Block of the Week

So this isn't really a 'block of the week'. Back here I posted about a new project I was hoping to start using my stash. The ABC block of the week was hosted by Liz at Shush I'm quilting. I thought it seemed forever that I was waiting on my book - as it turned out I hadn't actually ordered it. I do things like that sometimes.

So in an effort to catch up I readied three quarters of the blocks to stitch when we went away for the week in early January.

Now I have to say, all these photos on this post are taken by my 9 year old daughter. It is our 11th Wedding Anniversary and in an effort to help me with EVERYTHING today (as hubby is away for two weeks), she offered to take these photos. 

 I think the photos are great - the light wasn't so good though

I a little disappointed that the blocks are a little 'squished' with my embroidery but I think they turn out fine once sewn together - well I am hoping anyway. 

I prepped the remaining bocks yesterday to stitch and hope to have them all done by the following weekend.
We are celebrating Australia day tomorrow and I intend to spend it at the beach with my little man, my mum and brother. The girls are off to their other Nan's for two nights to be spoilt before school starts (and mum needs to get ready for one child starting school and one starting kinder). 
Happy Australia Day


Anonymous said...

busy week coming up for you Susie and your blocks are so cute,and happy anniversary,have a lovely weekend kiddo.xx

laurajane said...

Lovely stitching Susie.Have a lovely Australia Day and a great anniversary when Dave gets back.xx

Karen said...

These are gorgeous little blocks. They look great. And i love the idea of your daughter helping you with the photos.