Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disco day for five year olds

Yesterday, my baby girl had her 5th Birthday Party. She isn't five for another week but it was the only day available to hire this facility to house 25 dancing children with ease.

Before the party began we took a couple of family shots, I just love this one of Lily and her dad.

Preparing the table

And yes, there was a disco lady - I wasn't prepared to get up there and shake my groove. My groove shaking days are over. Believe me, this girl worked hard too.

After an hour of dancing, jiving and games we had plenty of hungry and very thirsty children. And what is a party without 'party food'. Lily seemed to be quite happy, as you can tell. 

Now I am no baker. I only made cakes for my kid's birthday's for the first time last year, so I am still a real novice. Usually there is some sort of disaster with the cake and this time I forgot to grease the cake tin!!! Fortunately, my friend came to the rescue and created this amazing ballerina and flowers to hide the terrible icing job I did once I finally got the cake out of the tin. I have decided to do fondant or butter cream icing next year. The only reason I did this pure icing mixture is the kid's love it.

The most important thing was everyone seemed to have a great time and I only hope I have helped create a life-long memory for my baby girl.



Anonymous said...

happy birthday Lily and that cake looks awesome.xx

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Happy birthday Miss Lily. Love the pic of her with dad. Sounds like everyone had a great day. hugs

laurajane said...

Happy birthday Lily.She looks very happy indeed.Your cake looks lovely,bet the kids enjoyed it.xx