Monday, March 25, 2013


So I started this month's stitchery for our Stitch-a-long not really thinking how much more difficult it will be to 'trace' the stitchery on to darker fabric. I have ended up just drawing it on and hoping for the best. I like the darker fabric though.

Working on another bubba quilt for a sweet little girl who is getting on in age, best I finish this in the next day or two! This will be a little label appliqued onto the back.

Basting the quilt which I have decided to just back with some sweet flannette. I wanted something light even though we are going in to winter, it will be nice over the top of her pram or even in the car. 

really sweet flannelette

There has also been a little of this going on! We have now finished the season and little Lily will be five soon and will be able to start nippers with her big sister. 

Happy Stitching all


Val Spiers said...

Very nice stitch along stitching. You have set yourself a challenge with the darker fabric. The baby quilt is gorgeous. I love the flannelette.

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Lovely projects :)

laurajane said...

Great projects going on.I love using flannel or flannelette,for baby's,it's lovely and soft.Hand stitched label for the quilt is a lovely thing to do,very personal,I only put my name.I need to put more thought into labels.
What is nippers? Xx