Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Pressure - what deadline?

Can't believe I haven't felt any pressure getting this done by today! Who am I kidding?? Chooky placed a deadline of the 31st Jan on our quilt tops and our next 2013 Stitch-a-long project for January. I am yet to start my January one - approx 9 hrs left in the day!!

You MUST excuse the horrendous background - hubby's soon-to-be man cave. (only myself and little tackers home so couldn't ask them to hold it up - they would only make it to the first block!). I just needed to photograph quickly on my phone, and blog to show you the top is done!!!

(nicer photos to come shortly - I promise)

Not without some issues I might add. I was in such a rush that I didn't press one seam!! nope! so obviously the alignment is out of whack but I will just have to deal with that. Its all leaning to the side. I envisage over the next evening or so I will be standing up in front of the TV for two hrs or more trying to press this humongous thing!

This is my backing fabric - quite a contrast but I wanted that. And Denise Schmidt fabric at $4 metre from spotlight was a bargain I thought.

Now my biggest issue is how to quilt it - I think some FMQ would be wonderful but I'm not attempting it on this huge quilt. So I was thinking of hand quilting in the thin hand quilting thread (not sure what it is called - not Pearl 8 like I normally use) with some free motion designs I will draw on. Mostly on the strips - not the blocks.

Anyway, a weight off my shoulders - now to complete my next Jan project by this evening. I cut out the shoe bag template from the Anni Downs book and didn't realise there is a smaller template of the shoes in the back. Fortunately, I just got my hand on the Red Home book this week so I may just look at doing the thread catcher instead.

Happy Stitching All, Love Susie


Nicky said...

Woohoo... you did it! It looks wonderful, congratulations on getting it done...

Chookyblue...... said...

it looks great........well done............the thread catcher is suggestions sorry for the quilting...........

Anonymous said...

its gorgeous Susie,well done.xx

laurajane said...

Susie it's gorgeous.
Love the colours you have used,and the backing is beautiful,nice and bright,just my thing.
Love Laura xx