Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'now at your local supermarket'

Over the years I have heard loads of positive comments about how 'groovy' and 'hip' this magazine was. I have enough magazines lying around the home however today I found this at the local supermarket.

I generally find the supermarket only stocks your gossip mags, some nice house and garden mags but never this.
Is this the best cover ever! Gorgeous stitching!

What a fantastic phone cover this is...just adore it. Half square triangles! WHAT? (wonder how much this is for my chrissy pressie from hubby).

Anyway, looking forward to having a cuppa and sitting down to read this (sometime).

Happy Stitching, Susie


Anonymous said...

happy reading Susie i havent seen it yet,but it has been on many blogs.xx

Pam said...

Love this......

laurajane said...

Enjoy your cuppa,and the mag.
Laura xx

rosie said...

Hi Susie,
What a great looking magazine... so much nicer than the gossip mags..
I adore your childrens letters to Santa, I do miss mine being so small...
Have a lovely week.xx