Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy squares and cake

The Anni Downs SKoW is to be completed by October. I've only just started. I must be crazy to have decided to hand piece my 1 1/2" squares together......totally crazy........I know

I did a couple of squares the other day at Urban Stitches - which was so much fun!! Thanks to Sam and her friends I had an awesome day out (photos to follow in next post). I think I have to piece together 129 of these little 1 1/2" squares and that is only the start of it.....

Surprisingly, they really don't take that long, I love completing them in front of the TV at night when the kids are in bed. Very relaxing.

My Thomas-the-Train obsessed son turned 2 on the weekend. Can't believe its been two yrs since this little 4.5kg bub entered this is a photo of his cake.

Still not feeling very adventurous in the cake dept, need to build up some skills.

Another birthday next week - Miss soon-to-be 8 wanted the sewing basket out of the Women's weekly cake book, I can barely manage a round cake, so she has settled for a nice simple floral decoration on her (simple round).  My oven is getting a good workout. Aren't these candles cute?

Susie xo


sultan Aslam gill said...

this is cute cake , my newpew will love this for sure. i am sending gifts to Pakistan on his birthday, will this a great idea?

Yvonne W said...

You have done a great job on the cake. Happy birthday to Mr 2 year old and Birthday greetings for Miss 8 year old as well.

laurajane said...

Your cake looks wonderful to me,I was never very adventurous with the cake baking.My girls had to have one from the bakers...I hope now they are both grown they don't feel they had a deprived childhood.....LOL
Keep going with the tiny squares
Laura xx